Duncan McAfee

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Selected Music

Here is a selection of original music clips, exploring polyrhythmic themes, some of which find their way into the art projects:

 Poly Experiment 3 (clip)

 The Dissectionist 3/2 (clip)

 The Dissectionist 3/4 (clip) 

 The Dissectionist Arpeggio (clip) 

 The Dissectionist in C (clip) 

On the music production side, credits here include including writing, performing and producing ironic pop combo Bib :

 Bib - jobs-on-line (06)  

Bib - Victims of Crime (06)

 Bib - Stuntman (cover; originally by Edsel Engineer) 

Bib - Flowers (06)

Bib - Tear Up The Streets (Disruptive)

...still-born folk project Lulls :

Lulls - Love is True  

Lulls - Ultraviolet

...and work with Alexander Costello as The Leonard Cohen :

The Leonard Cohen -  About The First One 

 The Leonard Cohen - Wet Towels 


Duncan also teaches the ukulele and song-writing with The Kitchen School of Music
You can hear some recordings made with children on The Kitchen School of Music Myspace page