Duncan McAfee

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I'm Human Now, You're Human Later

 Extracts from acts 12 and 17

Borrowing it’s title from Ray Bradbury’s short story I:Mars, and referencing Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape, I’m Human Now, You’re Human Later is part play, part choral work, devised for four voices. The voices are all versions of the author, and of each other.

The voices begin by speaking, but slowly evolve their utterances, sometimes becoming unrecognisable as human, playing off each other, desolving intelligible patterns of communication, progressively creating more unusual vocal cadences and modulations. As they work through eighteen acts, they deconstruct ideas of self, meaning, authorship, and the evolution of the creative and destructive processes. The work was developed, performed and exhibited during the solo exhibition of the same name at i-cabin July 2007.

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