Duncan McAfee

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Sounds of The Woodland


Working with a Year 3 class to make digital field recordings, explore the role of the Foley artist, and respond to the history of East Anton and the surrounding area, this public project presents children's characters and narrative installed on site of a newly planted plot of land which will eventually grow to become woodland.

The work develops a newly invented mythology for the Queen Elizabeth Woods involving the characters of a ghostly Druid, Magurix Seriol; Serra the Bear; Septimus Sabinus, the ghost of a Roman footsoldier; Herbert The Terror, a sleeping giant; and Canis Lupus, the ghostly spirit wolf. The stories are presented as songs sung by the children and can be heard from the solar powered listening post planted near the centre of the woods in Andover, Hampshire. This project was funded by Hampshire County Council Arts & Museums service.

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